Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gay Marriage

I'm getting really tired of the whole "sanctity of marriage" argument. Seriously.

Marriage is, and should be, recognized as the sacred union of two people. If two individuals fall in love and vow to remain true to one another, they should be afford the legal recognition of that vow.

50% of male/female marriages end in divorce. Where's the sanctity in that?

I'm married. There were no legal, moral or social obstacles to over come for KG and I to wed. We flew to Vegas. We stood in line at City Hall, filled out a form, paid $50, and were wed at the Elvis Chapel the next day. End of story.

Anyone who takes the right away from two people in love to marry cheapens the meaning of my marriage. It only means something if it's a right afforded to every one.

So, how about we all get together and give me back my sanctity, eh?

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Mike said...

Hear! Hear!