Monday, November 27, 2006

It's a shame

From the newest album by The Residents, Tweedles:

Funnier than legless lepers singing "Born to Lose"
Funnier than Jesus crucified in high heel shoes
Funnier than Adolph Hitler butt fucked by baboons
Funnier than obese babies popping like balloons.
Funnier than masturbating midget residue
Funnier than the Pope's penis being barbequed
Is the goofy sense of humor that you never lose
Even though your drunken daddy loved you like a bruise."

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stupid Hyperfocus

Finally, after 3 days, I'm done tagging all 329 posts on this damn blog. Here's a breakdown:

Asshole Neighbors (6) ( I thought there would be more of these)
Current Events (17) ( none of them current now)
Friction (2) (creative writing)
Fubar (18) (messed up shit from around the world)
Life. It's Bigger. (134) (my life, not surprising it's the highest number)
Lists (16) (memes, etc)
Misc (30) (mostly links)
Pics (40) (I thought this would be higher as well)
Prose (7) (more creative writing)
Rant (31) (again, I thought this would be higher)
Star Wars (37) (not surprising)
The Residents (8) (They deserve their own tag)
Trooping (14) (I don't get out much)
Video (7) (youtube)
Work (30) (sucks)
Zombies (2) (I need to talk more about this)

So, that was fun. Pointless, but entertaining.

Proud to be American

I've got nothing to add. Nothing.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Stupid beta blogger

Well, to be fair it's really more of a "stupid user" situation.

I spent about 90% of my day at work adding tags to all my posts. I'm still not half done, and it's now 11PM and I'm friggin tired.

Stupid hyperfocus.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Spaceship Yamato!

We're off to outer space
We're leaving Mother Earth
To save the human race
Our Star Blazers

Searching for a distant star
Heading off to Iscandar
Leaving all we love behind
Who knows what danger we'll find?

We must be strong and brave
Our home we've got to save
If we don't in just one year
Mother Earth will disappear

Fighting with the Gamilons
We won't stop until we've won
Then we'll return and when we arrive
The Earth will survive
With our Star Blazers

Thursday, November 16, 2006

OJ Simpson needs to die

I've said again and again that I've lost my ability to be outraged. I've grown world weary and jaded enough that I expect the worst. And then something like this come along. To quote:

"On November 30, her Regan Books is publishing a book OJ Simpson wrote with the working title "If I Did It, Here's How It Happened."

Fox said Simpson's book "hypothetically describes" how he would have committed the murders.

Open note to Mr. Simpson: Fuck you, you murdering scumbag. We all know you did it. You're guilty, and if you had any shred of moral decency in you, you'd stick the business end of a 9MM in your mouth and pull the trigger.
I can only hope you develop some form of inoperable cancer that kills you painfully and slowly. You are a sick, sad piece of shit and I spit on you.

Whew! It's nice to know I can still work up some anger.