Friday, December 30, 2005

Let’s talk about my sister. She goes by the name of JeeBee. We’ll refer to her as JB for the sake of ease.

JB is a couple of years younger than me. 2, to be exact. Unfortunately for her, like most younger siblings she looked to her elder sibling for guidance and wisdom. That’d be me. Affectionately known as Christoff. TK8103 to my friends.

Well, to be honest, I’m not the best role model. As an older brother, you don’t have much choice in the matter. You’re a role model by default. Be that as it may, you may not be an especially great one. But hey, that’s what parents are for. In JB’s case, her parents were overgrown children themselves. To top it off, they split up when she was 10 and moved her away from her childhood home and friends. So she was off to a bad start.

Thankfully, JB is intelligent, if not a tad ignorant. She’s got brains, but she’s not always quick to use them. She’s passionate and creative whilst being lazy and overly content. She’s got high aspirations and hope, but has no purpose or direction. She’s been adrift for a while, and it’s finally starting to come around and kick her in the ass.

ChĂȘn. Shock, the Arousing. A little karma catching up with the bum.

JB quit her job 2 years ago to pursue her dream of becoming a published writer. Her room mate and long time friend had come into a nice little sum of money, and graciously if not insanely agreed to let JB and her tenacious twin CC live off her for 6 months while they gave living their dreams a try.

It was a nice idea, and I said “Hey, if you think you can pull it off, why the hell not?” That was 2 years ago.

Room mate and long time friend, MG, eventually ran out of money. She along with JB and CC managed to piss through a sizeable hunk of change in those 2 years. They all live in a filthy, shit ass apartment along with CC’s 6 year old daughter. Cute kid. They survive surrounded by the din of their own filth and trash, and the clatter of all the precious shit they’ve spent their money on. Finely crafted, highly collectable limited edition crap. They have no money, except for MG who works for a living again. Earns a paycheck for working for a living. JB and CC trade in used cds to buy cigarettes. They’re on the dole for heating assistance. CC’s is waiting on some legendary 6 figure settlement from Comcast for a life altering fender bender that has left her crippled. She’s not actually lame. But see that smudge on the xray that looks like a thumbprint? That’s trauma.

They have 1 car between them (JB and CC. MG has her own wheels.) Said car has been in disrepair for sometime. It passes inspection, but barely. Hell, I’ve had more than a few cars like that in my day. Last week, the poor thing gave up the ghost. A lack of oil left the old girl with a bad ticker, and it finally seized.

After a couple of close calls with parental intervention, JB finally got off her tush and started looking for a job in earnest. She ended up getting hired at, of all places, the very company whose bonds she had slipped a mere 2 years ago. All she had to do was pass the simplest of tests. One were all you had to do was not do something for a month or 2. That’s pretty easy, really. Shouldn’t be too hard.

Ahhh, JB. They found a little THC in her tinkle. Did I mention that JB’s mother works for this same company? She does. Mother is a little upset. Mother has good cause to be. Mother thinks it might be time to start parenting again. So do I.

Now I’ll be the first to admit I have erred in my day. Sometimes I’ve even erred in spectacular fashion. I continue to err, in a much more subtle fashion now that I have some responsibilities in life. Because those things matter to me. I’ve always managed to keep my head above water, and plan just far enough ahead to give myself something of a cushion should shit come to pass. Because it often does. Case in point, the furnace just shut off because we’re out of oil. They oil guy is coming tomorrow, but it’s still tonight and our furnace has just shut off. Oops. Guess I should have taken the trip down into the basement to check the oil level a couple of days earlier.

That said, JB does not have the kind of safety net I’ve always kept. She’s still got blind hope where I’ve always had a jaded realism. She still firmly believes it all just work itself out. I’d be happy to eat my hat if it ever did, but I know it doesn’t work that way.

I’m sitting here tonight, listening to The Dirty 3 and thinking about that big brother role. And whether or not I need to pick up the mantle and be one while I try to do a better job at being a husband and a father. I’m weighing possible interventions and probable outcomes. Right action versus mindful action. I’m thinking about how much I need to clean up my own act as well. Her big chen is my little chen. A tap rather than a slap. Time for TKSr. To get behind the mule and plow. Only by doing so could he teach JB and TKJr to plow.

What to do, what to do… I was going to watch Devil’s Rejects. Instead I think I’ll take a much needed leak, smoke a couple of butts and mull things about until I fall asleep.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Happy Brumalia

Tonight is one of those nights where I'm sitting here on the couch, doing nothing much and thinking my useless thoughts. I thought I might be nice and share a few of them.
I haven't been paying too much attention to the brouhaha over the "War on Christmas." People arguing over something so pointless usually just makes me tired.

Then I happened to wander by Mycalls blog, and saw his very eloquent entry about the true spirit of Christmas. I agree with him, that's what it really is all about.

But, I'm not feeling so eloquent or nice this evening. Small minded people really tick me off. So I'm going to offer up my personal solution to the whole problem. I'm working on a new system here, folks. In theory, it works as follows: Complain about something unimportant, and we'll make your life so fucking miserable you'll learn to shut up and get on with life. So, here goes...

Apparently, in the United States, the federal government does not technically have any national holidays. I did not know this. The federal government does, however, recognize 10 annual holidays (recognize is a funny word. Does the government say "Hey there, Independence Day. I've seen you around, I recognize you. I digress.) Those holidays would be:

New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day (celebrate work by staying home!), Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

One of these things is not like the other ones. Hhhmmm... only one of them seems to be a religious holiday.

The religious right complain about the secularization of Christmas. The other side doesn't want religious displays. So, let's piss everyone off... no more Christmas holiday. That old separation of church and state thing. No more day off from work. No more day off from school. You want to sit at home or in church and meditate on the virgin birth? Take a fucking vacation day. You prefer to gather at a relatives house, get drunk, eat too much food and spend wads of money on useless shit no one really wants? Call in sick to work. Schedule a day off with pay.

That ought to please no one.

The other thing we could do, since the actual granting of holiday status is apparently up to state and local government, is have Christmas celebrated on different days in different places. If we're really clever about it, it could be fucking Christmas somewhere every day of the year. Woohoo!

The whole origin of what we now know as Christmas is so murky and convoluted anyway. December 25th has about as much to do with the birth of Christ as tit fucking has to do with reproduction. Christ's Mass, Hanukhah, Kwanzaa, Winter Holiday... whatever you want to call it, just enjoy it. Do we really need to start treating the people in this country like bratty children? If you can't all shut up and enjoy the day, we'll take it the fuck away from you. It's starting to seem that way.

Anyway... I enjoyed Christmas, despite the familial obligations that can be tiring and stressful. I enjoyed it because I love the people in my life. Even the ones I neglected to send a card to. I have ADD... these things slip my mind. Trust me, if you haven't heard from me lately it's probably because I think about you a lot. But that is beside the point. My point was, I think, that we have one day a year where the basic idea is to think and act kindly toward everyone. To give, to love. To reflect, to celebrate. People need to make an issue out of that? Fuck you. Fuck you all.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

So, I have my eval at work tomorrow. 5 years I've been toiling away at that place. Putting up with constant shit, dumbasses, lazy, slow motherfuckers. I do love my job... really.
I'm not a big fan of the evaluation process. I have to write little mini essays anytime I give myself a "Performance is outstanding and far exceeds job requirements." Of course, I give myself that grade on everything. Because it's true.
The problem is this: I have to defend my grade while meeting with my boss. Which means I have to watch what I say and play nice. I can't say "Since no one else can be bothered to do their job, let alone do it right, my performance is outstanding. I do my job and I do it right. Since none of the other lazy idiots here ever get fired, or even in trouble, there must not be a lot expected of them. The other person who does my job shops on line all day. Ergo, I must be exceeding my job requirement. Unless my job requirement is to do my work and everyone elses. If that's the case, I'm probably just squeaking by."
I can't tell her that she doesn't understand or even know half of what I do. I can't tell her that I take charge and get stuff done. In fact, when I go to another manager to get some advice, my boss sees it as going over her head, and she gets pissed. I could, and probably should go into more depth on that, but I'm supposed to be writing my eval right now.
In short, I'll spit out some buzzwords, write vague sentences, and listen to her tell me I don't spend enough time training people. Never mind I don't have the time to train people. Never mind the fact that everytime I've tried to train someone, 50 fucking idiots come to me for help.
She'll probably make some comment about me over stepping my boundries. Never mind that while I work in Operations, I answer to people in a number of departments. Forget that I get asked to and am expected to do all sorts of things that are outside the scope of my responsibilities. Forget that I have a good relationship with managers in other departments, and am on committees with them where things get discussed. Never mind that somehow, somewhere along the line, someone other than me decided I should be involved in making policies. I don't have clearly defined boundries, so how am I supposed to know if I'm over stepping them?
Whatever. Just give me my 5% raise. I fucking deserve it. End of story.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy B-day, Jebus

So... the holidays are over. Well, we still have that whole new year thing coming, but the gift giving, family seeing, drive all over the damn place part is over. My back hurts. I'm tired. I'm over caffeinated.
Christmas was fun. It was the first one where TKJr could really enjoy it, and he did. He was pretty well behaved, considering he had 2 days with no naps.
KG got me some nice stuff. The topper is a new electric guitar. Now, hopefully... I'll finally start learning to play something other than power chords and "Ode to Joy." KG gave a lot of thought to her gifts, and mostly bought me stuff she thought I would like. She knows me well.
My parents got me a Hitachi 3/8" 14.4V cordless driver drill. Nice! I have some man chores that I've put off for months because driving a screw by hand sucks ass.
I'm a little let down on the dvd front. Nothing! I did win "As Good as It Gets" and "Somethings Got to Give" in a yankee swap. Think I'll trade those in...
Oh well. We also got about $400 toward a new computer. I'm thinking Dell.
I thought I had more to say, but I don't. I have to work tomorrow. Right now, I want to get back to my new favorite read.

Friday, December 23, 2005

My favorite Christmas song

In the immortal words of Mr. Garrison, "Merry Fucking Christmas."

Merry Fucking Christmas - South Park
I heard there is no Christmas,
In the silly Middle East..
No trees, no snow, no Santa Claus,
They have different religious beliefs...
They believe in Muhammad,
And not in our holiday...
And so every December,
I go to the Middle East and say...

Hey there Mr Muslim, Merry Fucking Christmas
Put down that book, The Koran
And hear some holiday wishes
Incase you haven't noticed,
It's Jesus's Birthday
So get off your heathen Muslim ass
And fucking celebrate.

There is no holiday season in India,
I've heard..
They don't hang up their stockings,
And that is just absurd..
They've never read a Christmas story,
They don't know what Rudolph is about...
And that's why in December,
I'll go to India and shout...

Hey there Mr Hinduist, Merry Fucking Christmas
Drink eggnog, and eat some beef
and pass it to the missus
Incase you haven't noticed,
It's Jesus's birthday
So get off your heathen Hindu ass,
And fucking celebrate.

Now I heard that in Japan,
Everyone just lives in sin...
They pray to several gods,
And put needles in their skin...
On December twenty-fifth,
all they do is eat a cake...
and that is why I'll go to Japan,
and walk around and say...

Hey there Mr Shintoist, Merry Fucking Christmas
God is gonna kick your ass You infidelic pagan scum.
Incase you haven't noticed,
There's festive things to do
So lets all rejoice for Jesus
and Merry Fucking Christmas to you.

On Christmas Day, I travel round the world and say..
Taoists, Korishnas, Buddists
and all you atheists too..
Merry Fucking Christmas to you.
Thank you, Mr Hat..

Thursday, December 22, 2005

I'm Mr. Stagger Lee!

Top 5 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds albums

1. Murder Ballads . Dark, dark humor abounds on this album. 10 songs, all as the title suggests, murder ballads. Nick joyfully inhabits the mind of the various killers. "Stagger Lee" has my all time favorite line in a song ever... "I'd climb over 50 good pussies just to get to one fat boy's asshole."
2. Henry's Dream. Atmospheric, moody... this is a great album. "Christina the Astonishing" is a haunting track.
3. The Boatman's Call Nick's first post-rehab album. It's an abrupt about-face from his usual over the top ballads. Here we find deeply, painfully personal thoughts. It's not a happy album, but a great one none the less. It was my soundtrack for a few years.
4. Let Love In This is probably his best known album, contains the track "Red Right Hand." My personal favorite is "Do You Love Me (Part 2)", but as already shown, I have strange tastes.
5. B Sides & Rarities I wish more bands, esp The Rez, would do this. A 3 disc box set of every B side, outtake and non-album track ever. I'm a completist when it comes to my favorite bands, and it costs an arm and a leg trying to collect all the EPs and singles. Thank you, Nick, for putting it all together in one place. Best track, his duet with Shane Mcgowan on "What a Wonderful World."

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Eat exuding oinks!

This list was tough. I've been putting off doing these guys because it's so damn difficult to come up with my favorite 5. Each album is such a unique creation it's hard to rate. That said, this is what I managed to nail down...

Top 5 The Residents albums

1. Residue DeuxThis compilation of out takes served as my introduction to the eyeballed ones. For a collection of orphaned tracks, it does a fairly good job of introducing a newbie. Before "The Sleeper" was half over, my heart was taken.
2. The Big Bubble Probably one of the most unpopular Residents album out there. You either love it or hate it. This one is like a soundtrack to insanity. Sung completely in gibberish, the raw emotion is unnerving. According to legend, the band was at odds with their label. It shows. Me thinks this whole album was a big old "fuck you." I love it. "Gotta Gotta Get" is one of my favorite songs in the whole world.
3. Stars and Hank Sadly, I only have this on LP, so I don't get to hear it much. One side is Hank William songs, covered in a fairly straight forward manner (Residentially speaking, of course). Side 2 are Sousa songs. The Sousa side is recorded with ambient crowd sounds, so it seems like you're on the sidewalk watching a parade go by. One crazy friggin parade, mind you.
4.Wormwood "Curious Stories from the Bible." Indeed. Probably one of the crowning moments for the Rez, this album takes some of the darkest, most fucked up stories from the Old Testament and puts them to music. Sung from the perspective of the characters. Musically this is the residents at their peak. This was the second album I got, and doomed me to drooling fanhood forever more. "Burn Baby Burn", I love that song!
5. The Warner Brothers Album This is actually part of the Rez's pre-history, and never officially released. I've heard 2 remix versions now (Eyeball sanctioned), but I'm fortunate enough to have a copy of the original, and I love it. Immensely. The unbridled enthusiasm, the raw sound... you can't beat it.
6. Diskomo 2000/Goosebumps Told you I couldn't do 5. When I first heard about The Residents, it was the Goosebumps EP that was described to me. The teller of the tale didn't remember the album title, only that it was scary renditions of nursery songs. I lusted after this, and amassed most of my collection before finally finding it. This is perhaps my most beloved album. It really is kind of creepy.

Well, I could go on and on, but that'll have to do. Thank you Molius for introducing me to Mozilla. Cntrl + Tab makes these lists a whole lot easier!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Schnappschub ein familienfoto

Top 5 Peter Gabriel Albums

1.Passion . The soundtrack to "The Last Temptation of Christ". Say what you want about the film, this album is incredible. Haunting, moving, inspiring. I would often listen to this while writing.
2.Us . A deeply personal and introspective album. I've liked this album since it was released, but it wasn't until a car trip from Ohio that it really started speaking to me.
3.Peter Gabriel 4 aka Security . I actually bought this album for the sole purpose of visiting my friend Jen P when she worked as a cashier at Caldor . Ended up being one of my all time favorite albums. "Rhythm of the Heat" and "Lay Your Hands on Me" simply kick ass.
4.Peter Gabriel 3 aka Melt . Gabriel once said he wanted his albums to be like magazines. Same title, different content. First time I ever got rip assed drunk (on SoCo, no less), I sang a very painful, off key rendition of "Biko" to my girlfriend on the phone. "Intruder" is a great track as well. I've been listening to this one a lot lately.
5.Ein Deutsches Album . Same album as #4, except sung in German. The mixes are a bit different as well. I poked around trying to find info on why Gabriel rerecorded the album in German. Didn't find much except one mention of it being a response to his solo work not being very big in Germany. At any rate, it brings a whole new dimension to an already outstanding album. I just picked it up on CD after only having it on vinyl for the last 10+ years. I also just discovered that he also recorded Security in German, so I guess I'll be hunting for that soon.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Top 5 Led Zeppelin

Ahhh, screw y'all. I'm getting the obvious ones out of the way first. I was going to pick the box sets for # 1 & 2, but that pretty much encompasses every single album. So I'll try not to cheat...

1.Led Zeppelin . Right out of the gates these boys were a force to be reckoned with. Favorite track.. "How Many More Times"
2.Led Zeppelin III . Mmmm, mmm, good.
3.Led Zeppelin II. What can I say, the best albums had no proper title. "The Lemon Song." Woohoo!
4.Physical Graffiti. I'd put this in my top 10 just on the power of "In My Time of Dying." God damn, that song rocks.
5.BBC Sessions. For the longest time I only had a cassette of this, taped off of BCN back when BCN played music. Perhaps my all time favorite rendition of "Dazed and Confused."

Next up, something slightly more esoteric....

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Let the lists begin...

So, I decided to kill a few days worth of posting with a bunch of Top 5 lists. No real reason, I just feel like doing it.

I'm going to start with Top 5 albums, by band. These lists are completely subjective. I'm going strictly by what albums I own, and which ones I listen to the most. Take issue if you must, this is by no means a scientific, accurate or relevant list.

Top 5 Pink Floyd albums

1. Echoes . I usually don't go for the "best of" collectections, but this 2 disc set really hits home. Excellent selection of songs, and the tracks are laid out well. Great for first time listeners, long time fans, anyone looking to chill out for a few hours.
2.Dark Side of the Moon . Goes without saying, really. KG's fave as well. Awesome album from start to finish.
3.The Final Cut . Probably one of the least popular albums. It was their coda, and is pretty much all Waters. I don't know, though... for some reason I really enjoy it.
4.Animals . I first got into Floyd when I was watching WKRP. Johnny Fever was playing "Dogs", much to Mr. Carlson's dismay. I really dug the sound, and this was my first Floyd album.
5.The Wall . High school, angst, The Wall. This album was the soundtrack to my late teens.

That's all for now!

Friday, December 16, 2005

So damn sleepy....

Well, today has been a grand waste of a day.

I ran out of Adderal this week. I kept forgetting to call the doctor and get a refill. It's not an easy thing to do. Since it's an amphetamine, I have to have a hand written script. I can only get a month's worth ata time, and I have to go into Davis Square to get it.

I take Adderal because I have ADD. One of the problems with having ADD is that I often forget to do things. Things like calling in for a refill. So I ran out. I had only been taking it during the week until a couple of months ago. KG suggested I start taking it 7 days a week, since I wasn't doing much on the weekends. So I complied, and now I tend to get a lot more done around here.

Anyway, I ran out. Didn't take any yesterday, didn't take any today. This morning, I got up with KG, got TKJr ready for daycare, and brewed a pot of coffee. I was supposed to be in Walpole around 11 for a trooping event. Went into the bedroom to lay down for a minute...

Woke up at 2:30 this afternoon. I slept all friggin day. What do I have to show for it? Missed the troop, didn't get anything done, and my back is totally fucked up. I'm in pain, and now KG is pissed at me because I was snappy.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


We closed today.. woohoo.

I have the rest of the week off. Yes indeed, that is a good thing.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

We'll do si do in the snow

I'm watching Year Without a Santa Claus . Half watching, but enough is seeping through to trigger a bunch of dusty yuletide memories. And I'm in the mood to share!

My parents worked pretty hard to keep my sister and I believing in the jolly fat guy. They came up with some pretty smart cover stories. I really have to hand it to them.

Early on, all I wanted was Star Wars toys for Christmas. I guess I was 5 or 6 when I became concerned about something. According to the TV, Santa had a bunch of elves toiling away up in the North Pole. Well, I knew full well that my Star Wars toys were made by the good folk at Kenner . I knew they were trademarked as well. So, I wondered aloud, how could elves be making them?

To which my parents spun this: Santa was a wholesaler of sorts. He had deals with all the toy manufacturers, and bought at a deep discount. This helped explain two other potential issues:

There are so many kids in the world, no one man and a team of elves could keep up with demand. And, what kid in the 70's wanted a wooden train?

Second, why didn't I get everything I asked for or wanted? The answer to that was as follows...

Santa talked to each and every parent and determined what they could afford to spend on their children. Santa then selected from the child's list what he was able to get. Mom and Dad had to pay for the toys. Santa, of course, passed the savings on. But the stuff wasn't free.

That kept me believing for a long time.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Finally, someone takes note...

When you're a member of the 501st , you tend to notice little details when it comes to SW costumes. Glaring errors are annoying.

So, when a bunch of TKs go to see the SW exhibit at the MOS and see this, naturally they/we are disturbed...

We pointed out to the staff numerous times that the ab plate should be underneath the chest plate. In fact, there were 30 stormtroopers walking around, and none of them looked like this.

We were told only LFL could open the case and fix it. Well, looks like someone finally did something about it...

Thanks, guys!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

C is for conifer

The family went out today and bought our Christmas tree. TKJr had a blast running around the lot. We came home, I set it up, dug out the lights and ornaments and now it's all Christmasy here.
KG and I did our first ever Santa shopping while my parents watched Jr. We spent almost $15o, which is actually a lot better than I anticipated.
My parents took Jr to The Christmas Place, which I presume is some huge Christmas Tree like store. Apparently, TKJr was a little freaked out by a pair of life size nutcrackers. (Or should I say person sized, since lifesize would technically be their normal 12" size). Jr enjoyed looking at various ornaments. When my parents got him back to the car, my mother discovered a Homer Simpson ornament in his pocket. Seems he decided to keep that one!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Flying solo

All I'm going to say in regards to JM are 4 words: Fuck you, bitch. Seriously.

Now I feel better.

Today was the day from hell. JM decided not to show up, hence the FU. So, I was by myself. Had to do expiring cert reports, FIF reports for both districts, caseload reports and deal with all the nurses. Had to collect all the freaking laptops for the ref update. Had to help 3 MCH nurses, who of course will now come and see me for help instead of her.

But, I got it done. I was busy as hell, but the day went quickly. I think she should be fired. Argh, now I've said more about her when I said I wouldn't.

Didn't leave work until 5:30. That was due to collecting laptops, having the network go down and delaying the 1200 page report I had to print (3 copies of the same 400 page report, for the record) and the weather.

2 hours to drive home. I had to stop at the Shaw's plaza because I ran out of windshield washer and the glass was covered in salt. Figured I'd fill up (had a gallon in the back seat) and get some coffee. Friggin Dunkins was closed. (Yes, it makes perfect sense to me to send people home in the middle of a storm instead of making them stay and do their jobs and then leave when everything has been cleaned and plowed). Actually, I have to note that Weymouth apparently has some sort of religious thing against plowing. Our streets are not plowed. At all.

Got home in time for stone cold pizza and bedtime for TKJr. On the plus side, the oil company came out and serviced the furnace, and it's actually warm in the apartment.

Going to go stand on the porch and smoke a butt, play a little XBox, and go to bed. Back to work at 6AM tomorrow.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Good zombie weather

Nothing like a few days in a row of freezing temps to make it zombie safe out there. That is, safe for us.
Humans, of course, are warmed blooded creatures. We produce heat. Zombies are dead. They do not produce heat. They are room temperature.

Since the human body is made up of mostly water, freezing temps = frozen zombies.

It might suck to walk down to the Qwikimart in the cold, feeling the bite of the wind on my face. But, it's nice to know I won't feel the bite of zombie teeth on my arm because those fuckers are frozen solid.

I've been thinking about zombies lately. This is, sadly, not an unusual occurance. Anyhow, ever since we moved to the downstairs apartment, I've been concerned about defending ourselves against attack. We have 19 windows and 3 doors, and we're on the ground level. Not good.

Presuming that an actual zombie outbreak would follow the Romero model (slow, unthinking zombs), I think I've worked out a good plan. Break down the side entrance. It's about 10 feet off the ground with wooden steps and small landing. That'd give us plenty of wood to barricade the other 2 doors, and leave us with an escape route. Take down the neighbors fence, more wood. Nail and screw said wood over doors and windows from the outside. I have noticed in various movies that boarding up a window or door from the inside works well against small numbers of zombies. Any more than 10, and they'll push in the barricade with brute force alone. Since they can't think and aren't very coordinated, I doubt they could pry boards off the outside of the door.

I was thinking I would have to kill the upstairs neighbors. I don't like them, and I want the second floor as a fall back. Remember, always retreat upwards. Basements are a death trap. We could easily tear down the staircases to the second floor. JM had a good idea. Rather than kill the upstairs neighbors, bind them up and save them to use as bait should we decide to make a run for it.

I like that idea.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Bang, buzz, brrr

A little trigger happy , fucker?

I'm sitting on the living room couch, half watching the Sci-Fi channel. I'm wearing wool socks, sweats and a wool sweater. And I'm fucking cold. I can feel cold air blowing on my neck despite the caulking in the windows. The problem with this shit ass apartment is that there is no insulation in the walls. In TKJr's room, if you put your hand on the wall, it's frigging cold. To the touch.

KG has the kitchen stove cranked up and open. The thermostat is set at 80. The furnace is currently not running, and the temp is reading 68.

Fuck this place. Seriously.

My ride home tonight... 80+ minutes. So fuck that as well.

And finally... the baby monitor keeps emitting static. It's annoying.

Sam Neil is a handsome man.

I think I pulled a muscle in my back Monday. I had presumed it was from nearly slipping on ice, but KG pointed out it was bothering me prior to that. So, I deduce it was from picking up my kid at day care. I had to hoist him over a baby gate. That's frigging sweet... I fuck up my back picking up my kid. It's been killing me for two days now. Driving is agony. Any time I have to depress the clutch, I get a shooting pain down my leg.
It's an old injury... partly from 2 years in funeral service and partly from lifting a piece of scenery when I worked at Atlas. Usually it doesn't bother me, but when I hurt it I hurt it good.

Well, that's all the pointless bitching I have for tonight. Tomorrow JM is off, so I'm sure I'll be pretty busy. At least if the drive in is bad, I have some new, awesome music to listen to. So I got that going for me.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Take one overblown, dire forecast. Add a bunch of people who would rather bang out from work then face a slushy commute. Throw in KG having the day off.

Net result: Super fast commute to and from work, and one very happy me.

The ride both ways was so quick, I didn't even make it all the way through Melt .

I'll savor it for now, cuz I'm sure as shit not going to have such luck again.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Time to make the donuts

It's snowing today. I spent the better part of yesterday and today pushing fingertip caulk into all 19 of the windows in our shitty, drafty apartment. I spent some time and money at Home Depot getting winter related supplies. Most of what I bought was weatherstripping, and not very exciting. I did, however, purchase my very own T-50 , and I'm pretty psyched about that. Apparently, it's the World's #1 staple gun.
Granted, it's not the P35 , but few things are.
Winter in New England sucks. I've lived here most of my life, and the 5 years I didn't live here I spent in Philadelphia, so I know winter. Everyone bitches about it, yet we all still live here.
There are some great things about living in New England, specifically my little corner. The South Shore.
On my way back from Home Depot, I decided to stop at Dunkin Donuts for some coffee. There's one right down the street from HD. However, it's on the left and right on a busy intersection. So, I drove past it. I could have stopped at one on the right a little further up with a drive thru, but that would mean not taking a backroad home. So, what did I do? I went to yet another one across from the CVS that I was headed for.
When we drive down Route 18 to see my mother, I can pass 8 Dunkins before finally settling on the one I want.
Quincy literally has a DD every 1/2 mile. Case in point, I put my zip code in the store finder and came up with 46 stores within 10 miles of me.
Thank you,Bill Rosenberg . I love you, man.