Friday, July 20, 2007


I have to admit, I've gotten somewhat caught up in the buzz over 1-18-08.

I managed to find a piece (which I'm too lazy to re-find and link, my apologies to any stray googlers who ended up here.) which described shooting that was being done on Coney Island. The impression is that the movie is going to indeed be about a giant monster attacking New York City, only told from the perspective of a small group of friends with a camcorder. Told, in typical JJ style, in flashbacks. Mostly to the day before the attack.

I'm guessing that the movie will be primarily the flashbacks, broken up by the attack. It will probably end with us getting just the briefest glimpses of the monster, and no explanation as to what it is.

For the record, I think that would be about the coolest fucking thing ever.

What can you do with 130 minutes?

You could watch Conan the Barbarian.

You can learn that hypercarbia or mild hypothermia are ineffective in ATP recovery after ischemia.

You could watch The Perfect Storm.

You could take this picture.

You could melt a cube of frozen vinegar at room temperature.

Or, you could do what I did today and travel 10.1 miles from work to the kid's daycare.

As much as I miss the gang, that drive sucks my soul.

On the plus side, Pierce Brosnan is going to be narrating Thomas the Tank Engine next year, and the Yardbirds with Page and Beck will be touring.

Oh, and I got to hang out with the gang, and that was worth it.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday Wrap-Up

It appears that the Island of Sodor is a bit, well... fey.

I wasn't expecting much from a stage show for toddlers, but I think it could have been better. At least TKJr enjoyed it.

We spent the better part of the day in downtown Boston. Jr. was well behaved, and it was a real treat. We had lunch with Names and wandered around the financial district. Both KG and I spent a lot of time there during our courtship, and it was interesting to see how much things have changed now that the Big Dig has been finished.

We stopped in at Newbury Comics and bought TKJr a $30 Transformer. I wasn't thrilled about the price tag, but he loves it. It's an old school (kind of) Autobot, Sun Streaker. He calls it Megatron.

It's a start.

It's 10PM, the kids are sleeping, and KG and I are hanging out listening to music. There appears to be something amiss with my iTunes, and it's bugging the shit out of me. Thankfully, I have 4,451 songs loaded, so we remain entertained.

Anyhow, that's all I got.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tulips on my organ

What a week.

Today I closed SW, all by myself. They haven't closed for the last few months, and usually when they do close it's a hectic mess that final day.

At 9:05 this morning I cleared the last error.

I did a happy dance, I received applause from the girls who have listened to me ranting for the last week. My bosses... absent.

Oh well. I'm taking a vacation day tomorrow. I think I deserve it. My plan was to spend a day lounging on the couch i my boxers watching movies. However, I need to buy and install a wall mounted safety gate, and my lawn needs attention. I'd gripe, but I pretty much spent he whole day today poking around on the internet.

So, happy weekend y'all. Here's a little something for your amusement:

Friday, July 06, 2007

Considered for dismissal

One of my favorite tasks at work has nothing to do with my actual job description or position. It's a little duty I inherited from the last man to hold my title, and he dragged it with him for years until he got a well deserved cushy job.

Submitting parking tickets for dismissal.

It's a real treat. I get a charge out of reading the clinician's excuses. I get a totally inappropriate amount of glee (Glee, mind you! Real glee!) out of handing back the appeals that were denied. I make a point to hand deliver those.

Incidentally, I happened to actually read the Official Government Liaison Affidavit I sign and hand in every month with the tickets. It appears, unbeknownst to be until just now, that I hold an official government title. I am my company's "Official Liaison with the Office of the Parking Clerk for the City of Boston."

Cool. I'm recognized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as an Official Liaison. My first step on the path to galactic domination, no doubt.

At any rate, I was kindly enough to take the appeals home with me this weekend so I can mail them out on Monday. The written, or essay, portion of the appeal is a real treat. For your dubious pleasure, in my official capacity, I share:

" I was visiting a patient who lived on Commonwealth Ave. I parked on Newbury St. Prior to leaving my car I double checked signs and the one sign I saw was 'No parking in snow emergency' and 'No parking on Tuesdays between 2&7.' I would appreciate if this parking ticket could be considered for dismissal."
-Cited for parking in a loading zone

"I was visiting a patient and because of complications it took more than 2 hours to visit. It was 10:18am not PM."
-Time of violation 1:10PM

"I went to see patient who needed immediate service. I parked where there was a meter. When I came back I had a ticket. The street cleaning sign was twisted."
-It wasn't twisted when she parked there?

"While during the performance of my duties, I was doing a home visit to do a dressing changed that require being done at the same time each day. Due to the urgent nature of my visit I was forced to park where I did after driving around for 20 minutes looking for a spot so I could deliver nursing care to the patient."
-Read that first sentence three times fast. I dare you.

"I was ordered by MD to see a patient s/p laminectomy w/ increased pain. No other parking available in the area."
-Confuse the clerk with jargon. I'm impressed.

"I had parked to do a mandatory patient visit, deposited $.50 into the meter. Upon my return, I found I had been ticketed. I had prominently displayed my {name withheld} sign in the dashboard."
-The sign was in the glove box?

"I work for the {name withheld} as a physical therapist. It was of utmost importance that on 6/22/07 I visit my patient. There was an emergency situation that could have caused a fall for an elderly patient, and/or potential for injury. Please excuse it was an emergency."
-Cited for blocking a handicap ramp. Note the irony.

"Urgent Occupational Therapy visit per MD order to address safety in patient's home after recent return home from hospital. No visitor parking available."
-Note: She was ticketed at 11:53PM

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

For all my niggas & bitches

Oh, a few hundred years ago a bunch of drunken blue bloods left the bars, gathered arms and told the King to go fuck himself.

Tonight, I'll pour a forty of Sam Adams on the curb in honor of y'all. If only one of you was around today to see the crazy shit we gave ourselves with your new found freedom.

Tonight, for the first time, KG and I are hanging out in our new place, creating a vibe and relaxing. Music is on, the beer is flowing, the babes sleeping. Life is good.

So, I wish those special few who have wandered into my life a very happy fourth. Let loose, enjoy, be safe. And tell you neighbors it's finally OK to blow their damn fingers off.