Sunday, June 29, 2008


From the horse's mouth:

New album due for release first of September.
Brand new material from the most eccentric band in the world!

With THE BUNNY BOY, The Residents have created another off beat pop gem. A sonic roller coaster in the style of Duck Stab, The Commercial Album and Demons Dance Alone, the album features 19 fast paced songs. Obsession, insanity and the coming Apocalypse have never sounded better. The THE BUNNY BOY'S release will be accompanied by a world tour and a narrative internet series.

Track Listing/Features:

* Boxes of Armageddon
* Rabbit Habit
* I'm Not Crazy
* Pictures from a Little Girl
* What If It's True?
* Fever Dreams
* Butcher Shop
* I Like Black
* Secret Room
* My Nigerian Friend
* It Was Me
* Golden Guy
* The Bunny Boy
* Blood on the Bunny
* I Killed Him
* The Dark Man
* Secret Message
* Patmos
* Black Behind

Exactly what I was hoping for!

Friday, June 27, 2008


This afternoon at work we got a pretty decent thunderstorm. There were at least 2 lightening strikes close enough to set off car alarms. Here's a shot of the sky as I was leaving work and the storm had passed:
There was some flooding due to the downpour. Turning to my car, I saw the traffic that awaited me on the lower deck.
Here I am 15 minutes later, not even 1/8 of a mile from my former parking space.
Thirty minutes after leaving work, I was just getting on to the Zakim. Don't know if you can see the two staties in front of me:
They were escorting a box truck that was being towed by a flatbed tow truck. The box truck was not ON the flatbed. It was being pulled behind by a chain and cable.


A little over 2 hours later, I was home. The weekend begins.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ominous skies

For a few moments there, I thought we were going to get a whopper. No dice. It rained pretty heavy for a few minutes, and then rumbled away.

The highlight of the day was coming out of the O'Neil tunnel to black skies, tons of lightning streaking down, and "Lucinda" blaring on the stereo.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Good night, funny man

"Atheism is a non-prophet organization."

Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist. "

"Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday."

If this is the best God can do, I'm not impressed."

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Breakfasts past

If there's one thing that I love, it's breakfast cereals. Here are 3 of my all time faves:

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Remember when...

Personal responsibility and parental guidance meant something?
Those were the days.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fight the future

OK, life imitating art or ironic branding? You be the judge:



I, for one, bow to our new robotic overlords.

Oh shit

5 scientific reasons a zombie apocalypse could actually happen.

The only good news being, if any of these reasons come to pass, we've got some time to prepare.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Considered for dismissal Vol 2

Once again it's time to submit parking ticket appeals. Nothing quite as amusing as my first post, but I thought I'd share a few anyhow.

providing medically necessary services. - Ticket for Resident parking. Appeal is short and to the point.

...patient had begun to feel nauseated and soon began vomitting, some of which contained bright red blood... -Ticket for unpaid meter. Umm, TMI???

I was called to a patients home for an emergency situation and attempted to find resident parking but there was none available. - Ticket for resident parking. I'm not sure why she's appealing, since apparently she went out of her way to look for resident parking.

I was going to visit a pt who was discharged from hosp and needed medication and needed to be seen and admission. - Ticket for street cleaning. Nice use of the run on sentence, bonus points for verbing a noun.

When I parked meter said out of order. I put money in the meter but it did not register and still said out of order. When I returned to the car the meter no longer said out of order. -Ticket for unpaid meter. Obviously someone was fucking with her. I really like the fact that she put money in the meter despite the out of order notice. Like it's a freaking slot machine, and she might just get lucky.

Well, kids, that's all I have for today.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Holding out hope

Idiot me, still up past 11. I'm hot, sticky, tired and feeling under the weather. Cold? Allergy?
Don't know. Either way, I'm running ragged. There's an impressive line of thunderstorms marching this way, due in an hour or so. I was hoping to catch them.
Oh well, I'll either sleep through it, awaken and sleep less, or they'll miss as like usual.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Yeah, I know...

I'm sitting here covered in a thin layer of sweat. The house is sweltering, and I haven't even unpacked the fans or summer clothes yet.

More fool me. It's the beginning of June. A few weeks ago we had the heat on. Now it's 90 something.

Happy, happy. Joy, joy.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

The chochotas strikes back

In the normal course of a day, I send roughly 20 some emails to various people asking them to complete, correct or re-do work. That's my job.

So the other day I noticed that both Rat-pizda and MD sent notes to the wrong clinician. I sent the following email to them:

I received a voice mail from CW this morning re: patient Joe Blow. CW received both an OASIS review and a Lock note for SOC visit of 5/22. However, CW did not admit this patient. CF did.Could you both please resend your notes to CF?
Thank you.

About 5 minutes later I received the following response from Rat-pizda:

Hi Chris, Just wanted to express how rude your manner is in this email. A simple Hi or good morning to start off an email wouldnt kill you to do so. Instead you start it off with an "I". We all get VM that dont belong to us. I got two yesterday for payer not showing up on cert creation which I helped both clinicians in doing so.
Im sure you wouldn't writer something like this to AMM or JH.
Plus it would of been easier for you to just forward the VM to MD and myself.
Have a nice day :)

Umm, OK. What the fuck, crazy bitch? That just about put me over the edge. I immediately forwarded her response to my manager, her manager, and the director of HR. Additionally, I filed an incident report.

I'm happy to report that the rabid little slit got in trouble, and was quite upset at the outcome. I don't think she expected to be called on the carpet. Ha ha!

Just now I got even better news... She just gave her two week notice. Oh, happy day.