Saturday, December 06, 2008

Transcendence through Failure

You may now refer to me as Rev. TK8103.
Today I became an ordained minister. According to the Universal Life Church Monastery:

Let it be known on this date that in accordance with the laws of the Universal Life Church Monastery, as ordaining officer, I, Brother Martin, do ordain you into our ministry. From this day forward, you are entitled to all of the rights of an ordained minister. You have the authority to perform marriages, baptisms, and all other ceremonies of the church. You are an independent minister of this church. This is a position that carries with it a burden of responsibility; please respect others and comply with the laws of the land.

I'm not sure yet how far I'll be taking this, but I am giving some thought to actually ministering. I've got a few ideas for a religion that actually makes sense and has some potential to enlighten. I need to flesh it out.

I'll be sure to keep you posted.

I will, however, leave you with this thought: Perhaps a perfect savior is not the best savior. It's through our transgressions that we really learn, and a divinity that suffers because of and has the potential to transcend his or her failures is a much more access able divinity.

Some grow wise, some other wise.

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