Saturday, March 08, 2008

Going out on a limb

TK8103 and KG
123 Fake St
Abington, MA

Re: Trees located on the property at 123 Fake Street Abington, MA

Dear TK and KG,

As you are aware, the trees bordering the property at the HD playground are in need either of removal or cutting back. We realize you have been cooperative with our Sexton, BC, in the past and we will gladly help in any way we can to remedy this situation.

Our first concern, of course, is that this is the play area for the nursery school and soon the children will want to come out to play and we can not safely allow this due to the current amount of limbs, both small and large, that have been dropping. Please call one of us at your earliest convenience to talk over the situation.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.

The Trustees of the
United Followers of Some Bearded Guy in Abington

Umm, go right ahead and remove the offending limbs, my friends.

To be fair, I went out and took a look at the trees in question as soon as I read the letter. There are 4 rather large trees bordering the property. One is dead, and looks to have dropped some sizable limbs. Another one is half dead, and in need of removal. I had actually been thinking about taking all 4 down at some point, as they are old and gnarly, and ripping the shit out of my little stone wall.

The folks at the church next door have been nice enough, and I appreciate their concern. Hell, I share it. If my precious snowflakes went to their daycare, I wouldn't want tree limbs falling on them either. I don't really anticipate a problem here, except for one thing. The trees are friggin huge. Half the cutting will need to be done on their side. It's either going to be a joint effort (which I'm all for), or we're going to have to split the cost of a tree removal service.

I noted to KG tonight that tree limbs only really fall in bad weather, when kids would not be outside playing anyway.

Whatever. We'll see how this develops.

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