Friday, March 07, 2008


I'd be happier if today's lovely weather was going to last. But, tomorrow we're getting a deluge.

I'm still waiting on my car, though the mechanic called and it should end up being under $300. Not bad. There's a major oil leak, but all I care about is getting it sticker worthy. I'll be upgrading in the near future.

Did some yard work, which was nice. I'd still be at it except for the fact I now have several huge piles of leaves and no where to put them. So, time to take it indoors, have a bite to eat and do some laundry.

I made a few changes to the blog, mostly updating the template and adding the "Call Me" button to the right. If you want to call and leave a voicemail, just click away. I haven't played with it yet, but apparently I can post voicemails on the blog. Cool.

Congrats to EG. Her and Vic secretly tied the know this week while on vacation. Looks like all the G girls now have new surnames.

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