Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh, he's not going to... arghhh!!!

So, I'm driving through North Quincy today on my way to pick up my daughter. I was waiting at a red light, idly gazing around. I noticed some guy walking on the sidewalk. He didn't look homeless or crazy, just an average looking, middle aged black man. He drew my attention because he stopped short at a large rain puddle on the sidewalk. Suddenly, he got down on all fours, and to my abject horror began drinking from the puddle. DRINKING!!!! I was stunned. I jest not when I say he was lapping that shit up! I was actually too shocked to grab the camera sitting in my laptop bag.

I have no earthly idea what would cause a man to drink rain water out of a sidewalk puddle. Some sort of mental illness is surely to blame.

Just another day.

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