Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy 9/11 Day!

Seven years ago today things changed slightly here in the US of A. Namely, airplanes stopped flying for a couple of days, any pretense of personal liberties was pissed away, The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson was unfairly yanked from the airwaves, and the news crawl became a permanent fixture on CNN.

Seven years on, the country as a whole has still failed at passing through the Kubler-Ross model. We're not anywhere near acceptance. Not when the footage in Cloverfield is considered too soon. Not when a city can crawl to a stand still over Lite-Brites. Not when W still holds office. Not when you can't wear your shoes to pass through airport security.

Come on, folks, seriously. We'll never forget, I swear. We won't. It's a defining moment for the 21st century. The images of that day will forever be imprinted on our memories. But we can get past the mourning, the hand wringing, the fear mongering. We can move on.

We may never get back our pre-post 9/11 world, but we can buck up.

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