Sunday, March 12, 2006

Breaking up is hard to do

You've been my constant companion for 14 years now.

Right there with me through every shitstorm and every sunny day. You sustained me, inspired me, distracted me and detracted from me.

Yes. For all you've given, you have also taken. Taken years off my life. Taken money from my pocket. Stolen hours from my family and friends.

511,000 minutes, give or take. Stolen time I will never get back. The toll you have had on my life, that remains to be seen.

But I love you none the less. I am devoted to you. I am still seduced by you. I am addicted to you.

Now I need what you take from me. I don't have it to offer anymore, as I owe it to others. I need to be here with them, not with you.

Today I erased your memory from my car. The place we have spent so many hours. Alone with our music and our thoughts.

Tonight we dance one last time. Tomorrow, I remove you from my life. I remove you from my person. I cleanse your presence from me.

But I will not escape your grasp. I love you still. So much. I will long for you. I will ache for you. Because I am weak.

However, I will resist, for I need to be strong. My son, he believes me to be strong. To be right. To be in control. For him I must be.

I'll always love you. I'll always want you. I know you will always be waiting, arms open, to take me back.

Good-bye, nicotine. Please understand. It's not you. It's me.

I'll call you sometime.

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