Friday, June 23, 2006

A few things...

The TV remote is on the fritz. It only works when I smack it violently against my hand. That trick rarely actually works on anything else.

KG and Izzy came home today. It's a nice feeling to have the family all back together. Izzy has been all smiles. I think she's happy to be back home in a familiar setting.

We're going to Edaville Railroad tomorrow to meet Thomas the Tank Engine. Of course, it's going to be fucking pouring with severe thunderstorms all day. I can only hope this leads to a smaller crowd, as the event is rain or shine.

For some reason the space bar on my laptop is acting hinkey. It only seems to stop working when I'm entering a post on this site.

I left work at 4:05 today. I arrived in North Quincy (10 miles away) at 6:35.

TKJr's daycare closes at 6. He was there all alone with a Chinese grandma who speaks no English. He handled it pretty well.

I just finished watching The Birds . I couldn't stop thinking about Crazy LM from work. I laughed.

I really, really hate traffic. I here by swear, as witnessed by the hapless few who read this, that I will personally ass rape any motherfucker that tands in the way of either flying cars for the masses or tube technology. I swear I will. That includes Dubya. Lead me to him, I'll ram it right up his brown eye.

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Molius said...

you had better be careful that haggles doesn't see know he'll decide that he loves traffic and that it is the most enjoyable time in the world, and why not share that love with the masses.

who needs the minority report transit system or tubes? sitting in traffic is fun!