Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hoarse and Frosty Words

Last Friday's commute: 93 minutes
Monday's commute: 95 minutes
Tueday's commute: 35 minutes
Wednesday's commute: 55 minutes
Thursday's commute: 55 minutes

So, I've managed to presume this much about the ride home based on 5 day's travel: Normal, everyday commute with clear weather is 35 minutes. Twice what it should be, but par for the course. If it's raining out, add 20 minutes. If there's an accident or heavy rain, add an hour.

So why does a little rain make for more traffic? Sure, in theory people drive a little slower due to the conditions. But this doesn't explain the serious delays I encounter. Reduced speeds should not bring the highway to a grinding halt. Molius has theorized that subconsciously people think if they can't see the city due to low clouds, it might not be there, and they drive slower to prevent themselves from driving into oblivion. I'll buy into that. The amphibian part of the human brain has strange powers, and can make people do funny things. But, as far as my ride home goes, we're all driving away from the city... so I'm not sure that is as much a factor. I've thought sometimes that commuters who usually take the T opt to drive in bad weather. That would help explain the increased amount of cars, but it doesn't make a lot of sense.

Whatever the case may be, it fills me with anger and rage. A 90 minute ride home leaves me so pissed I could shit pure bile. You know it's bad when you're hoping that whatever accident is holding you up was really bad, and you're hoping people died to make your suffering worth while. That ain't good for the old soul.

Speaking of shitting, poor RB was suffering today. He had a colonoscopy yesterday, and apparently all the barium in his GI tract turned to cement over night, and he was badly bound up and in pain today. Poor bastard. Nothing worse than being so constipated your back hurts.

Here's hoping he manages to drop his company off at the pool tonight.

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