Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hey, there's my moral outrage!

Like most Americans, I have a tendency to forget. Even when I’m remind not to, the daily grind of life tends to dull the sense and distract attention. Life, for some, goes on.

So thank you, Spike Lee, for raising my ire once again. I watched the first part of
“When the Levees Broke”
last night. My heart ached once again watching the misery and suffering of helpless people betrayed by their own country. I got angry all over again.

I think I summed up my initial reaction pretty well here. I still feel that way, and watching the documentary only brought that point home more. How do I explain to my children the abject stupidity of our elected leaders? All I can say is I didn’t vote for the asshole.

No, I’ll never forget. I don’t think many people will. Be it September 11th, be it Katrina, people won’t forget. What they will forget, and what they have already forgotten, is that people are still suffering. The problems have not been fixed. And the people responsible are still making bucks and shitting on the Constitution.

Don’t wave your flags at me, brother. Get off your doublewide ass and do something about this country.

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