Saturday, August 05, 2006

You call this a house?

So, KG and I met our real estate agent today. PW is very nice. We looked at 2 houses in Abington.

The first house is apparently owned by stoners. They had a note on the door warning people not to let their cat out. The cat's name: Sativa. We also noted more than one 420 sticker. Cute, eh?

The house needs a fair amount of work. Horsehair plaster: not good. Needs an exterior paint job. The basement was partially finished, with a second kitchen. We actually liked that best. The bedrooms were small, very little closet space. We didn't love it.

The second house... bigger, roomier. Needs TLC? Fuck that, it needs a new roof. Water damage everywhere, the back deck is rotted, dirt floor basement, very little closet space. Out of the 2 of them, I'd have to go with the first one.

It was only 2 viewings, but it turned into an all day ordeal. I had to drive to Attleboro forst thing in the morning to pick up the Divas so they could watch the kids while we went out. Then I had to drive them back. Got home... had several emails from PW that I had to go through and pick out what we want to see next. Next Saturday we'll be looking at 5 houses in Quincy.

So, I did not get to go to RB's BBQ. I spent my whole day either driving up and down 95 or scrolling through page after page of MSL listings. I guess we're in for a lot of work.

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Molius said...

it's a shame you didn't make it. it would have been the first time in a month that all 4 of us would have been together, but now we have to wait until RB gets back from vaca at the end of the month.