Friday, June 02, 2006

Idle Thoughts

There's a bit of a disconnect between what is and what should be.

500 Rutherford Ave Charlestown, MA (work) to 125 Hancock St North Quincy, MA (Dunkin Donuts)
Distance: 9.4 miles
Approximate Driving Time: 14 minutes
Actual Driving Time: 92 minutes

I've been living with the hellish 93S commute for some time now, and for the most part I am resigned to it. But seriously, an hour and a half to drive less than 10 miles? Fuck me sideways.

There was a bit of a weather situation today that, while not the sole cause of this mind numbing drive, certainly exacerbated the situation. We had torrential downpours this afternoon. Weymouth wasn't too bad, and it was drizzling in C-town when I left. But Quincy got a friggin drenching. Raining cats and dogs? Only if we're talking about panthers and Newfoundlands. The flooding was insane. At one point I had to drive through over a foot of water.

Additionally, my sanity was saved thanks to Molius. For the record, the album ended just as I reached the gas tanks. Santa Dog 2000 was pretty damn cool.

I had actually started off the day by opening a word file so I could write out a nice long entry about my painful interactions with the staff of my neighborhood QwikiMart. That'll have to wait for a later date.

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Molius said...

ouch. at least you could listen to it again. so when i called, i'm betting that i wasn't far off the mark as to your location. that sucks. i left at 450 and i'm willing to bet that even stopping at the supermarket, i got home before you did. summer vaca is coming...