Monday, July 17, 2006


Oh, I've owned a few. In the 17 years I've been driving, here's what I've owned:

1983 Chevy Impala I called him Elwood. It was a former Maine State Police car. 380cc 4bbl. Piece of shit that cost me thousands, but I loved it.
1985 Chevy Citation this one only lasted a few weeks. I hated it.
1985 Reliant K Another short lived car. I lost the exhaust system and then returned it. I disliked this car as well.
1987 Grand Prix Probably the nicest looking car I ever owned. It was a piece of shit. No power at all.
1990 Geo Metro The Smurfmobile, so called because it was bright blue. I loved this car. Small, dorky, 40 miles to the gallon.
1988 Isuzu Pup My first, and only, pick up. This car was awesome, and I loved it. bright red, I called it Sniff. I drove that sucker into the ground.
1974 Chevy Nova Looked kinda like this, except it had 4 doors, was hand painted, and completely rusted out. I bought it as a project car. Apparently, the project was to pay $300 for a car, leave it in a driveway, and then pay $50 to have it towed and junked.
1988 Pontiac 6000 My parents gave KG and I this car. You could usually get it to start by jamming a screwdriver into the carb. The suspension went, it sat on the street and got towed away. We didn't notice. This "free" car cost me $600 in parking tickets and $100 more to have it junked.
1988 Plymouth Horizon Another "free" car, this was my first manual transmission. After driving it once, I had to replace the transmission. KG and I dubbed it "little Lisa". It last a month or two.
1998 Saturn SL-1 My current, and to date, best car. I really can't complain. In the 5 years I've had it, I've replaced the exhaust and brakes twice, replaced the tires, batteries and rear brake lights. Other than a leaking moonroof, it's done me well.

That's it, so far.

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Mike said...

I loved my 1982 Plymouth Reliant. You knew him better as Scree. Got him in 91 from the first owner and he gave me few problems. I was 21, good age to have a boat. (Especially when flying into the parking lot of a Subway - remember that?) Ah, memories!