Thursday, July 06, 2006

These sick days are gonna make me sick...

But what else can you do when you have a negative vacation balance due to paternity leave? Nothing. You call in sick.

You call in sick when you haven't slept for two nights. You call in sick when you plan to go to work and leave early to visit your mother in the hospital. But you drive down the street hearing your muffler dragging on the asphalt and realize you have to get it fixed. Right now.

A sick day costs $350 for a new exhaust. Then you get to go back on Saturday and drop another $600 because your brakes are shot to hell.

At least, if you're me, you're mother is doing as well as can be expected. It's hard to believe she had major cardiac surgery two days ago. She looks good, her vitals are good, she' strong.

It still sucks to spend the day at the hospital, looking at your mother in a johnny. Looking small and insignifigant. Seeing her face etched with pain. But... many others have been there, and most of them have had it worse.

Mind you, I'm not complaining. I'm just saying. These sick days are making me sick.

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Mike said...

No need to reiterate, you know I've been there too.

Thinking of you.