Friday, July 21, 2006

Sodomy 101 for toddlers

This is Melanie, host of "The Goodnight Show" on PBS Sprout:
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PBS Sprout is a great little addition to our cable package. 24 hours of PBS programming for toddlers. Thomas, Dragon tales, Zoboomafoo, Barney, all that stuff. I like it because my 2 year old can watch it before bed.

Melanie is cute, but annoying as all hell. She's so frigging annoying, I've found myself sitting there, thinking terrible thoughts. Wanting to violate her in terrible, dirty ways.

Apparently, a poke in the ass would be right up her alley!

The Technical Virgin

Needless to say, it appears young Melanie is no longer working for Sprout. I'll miss you, you daffy bitch!

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