Monday, August 22, 2005

After all, Jesus wasn't built in a day

Well, I was going to leave off posting about The Residents for a while, but I received an unexpected and super sweet treat today, so here we go again.
Mostly for my own amusement, I thought I'd provide a list of all The Rez albums I own. Most of them have been hard to come by (thank you eBay!), and each is special in it's own way. So, with the hope of making a few more converts, here we go:

Meet the Residents Their first "album". I wouldn't recommend it as a starting point, but it is one of their best. The song "Infant Tango" was referrenced on an episode of The Simpsons.
The Third Reich and Roll Classic Residents, and one of my all time favorites. Want to clear out a party? Toss this disc in and watch them flee!
Duckstab/Buster & Glen Probably the most commercial of their albums. You can really see their influence on Les Claypool on this one. That is, if you're a Primus fan.
Eskimo I have this on DVD. It's The Resident's most famous album, and one of their oddest. The first time KG and I watch it, we were mesmerized. Seriously trippy. Make sure you wear a sweater.
Commercial Album Also on DVD. The videos are mostly new, with the exception of the 4 "One minute song" videos. I've only listened to it once, so I don't have much to say. I do like how they bought 40 different commercial spots on San Francisco radio and played the album one track at a time.
The Mark of the Mole Part 1 of the Mole trilogy, and guest starring Penn Gillete no less!
The Tunes of Two Cities Part 2, all instrumental. A totally schizophrenic album, the tracks alternate between the Moles and the Chubs.
The Big Bubble Part 3, and usually the least favorite Rez album among the fans. I like it, a lot. The story goes that the band was pissed off at their management, and this album was the result. "Gotta Gotta Get" is my all time favorite Rez song.
George & James I really haven't given this enough air time to comment on.
Stars and Hank Forever Another one of my favorites. The Hank Williams covers are fairly straight forward and creepy as hell. The "Stars and Stripes" cover is awesome. Sadly, I only have this on vinyl.
God In Three Persons Another one I haven't given much air time. The concept is interesting, the music just didn't do it for me the first time around.
The King & I The residents do Elvis! This album is great, though I've heard it doesn't live up to the live versions from the Cube E tour. At any rate, One of my faves. The baby king parts are disquieting.
Freakshow A whole album dedicated to side show freaks, sung from their perspective. Who could ask for more?
Wormwood A collection of curious Bible stories. Indeed. This is the album that turned me into a serious fan.
Diskomo/Goosebump I blogged about this the other day. Good shit.
Residue Deuz The first Rez album I ever got. Oddly enough, it's all outtakes, and hardly representative of the band. No matter. I was in love.
Cube-E I just picked this up a few weeks ago, and haven't had the oppurtunity to listen to it. It looks promising.
Hunters This is a sountrack they did for the Discovery Channel.
13th Anniversary Show Live from Tokyo. Another one I need to spin again.
Petting Zoo Touted as a compilation for newbies, this is sort of a best of. Probably a good place to start, as most songs are relatively "ear friendly".
Demons Dance Alone One of the best of the best albums, marking the death of the now iconic eyeballs. I have the delux double CD version, and the bonus disc is pretty sweet.
High Horses. Ever have nightmares about being trapped on a sinister merry-go-round? No? Listen to this and you will.
Whew. Holy crap, that was a lot of work. What can I say, I love these guys!
Oh, I did forget to mention my newest addition:
The Warner Bros. Album.
Thanks, Molius. I'm glad you now share the maddness.

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