Wednesday, August 31, 2005

***Zombie Alert***


The possibility of thousands of dead. A city deemed uninhabitable for 3-4 months. Bodies left to float. Not to mention a history of voodoo and black magic. These are the ingredients that make for the perfect breeding ground for zombies.
Once it starts, it'll spread fast. Too fast to stop. Preparations should be made now. If you have a zombie emergency plan, now is the time to activate it. If you don't have one, it is imperative to make one now. It is highly recommended that you obtain a copy of The Zombie Survival Guide at once.
Due to the scope of the disaster in Louisiana, we are faced with a possible Class 3 outbreak. For an example of how serious a Class 3 outbreak is, here is an Infection Simulator . As you will see, once it begins, there is almost no way to stop it.
As a public service, the Weymouth Zombie Patrol suggests the following measures be taken should you not already have an established emergency plan.
1. Obtain weapons. Firearms are the best defense. Check with your local law enforcement agencies about firearm regulations. PLEASE NOTE: Many states have mandatory waiting periods for firearms, especially hand guns. Buy now! Your best bet is a minimum of 3 guns: High powered rifle for distance shooting, a shotgun for close quarter fighting, and a handgun for last resort defense. Do not forget to stock pile the appropriate ammunition as well.
2. Seek defendable shelter. Your existing domicile may or may not suffice. You can fortify your current housing with wooden planks, boards and heavy nails. You can never have too much.
3. Create a stockpile of non-perishable food. Shop now, before panic and looting set in.
4. Devise a realistic escape plan. If you live in a highly populated area, your best chance for survival is getting out. There is no need to move to the hills until the outbreak occurs. Now is the time to chose a destination and secure shelter.
5.Pay close attention to the news. At the onset of an outbreak, there will be attempts to suppress the truth. Only by paying close attention will you be prepared.
And finally, should you come in contact with the living dead, DESTROY THE BRAIN!
And always save one bullet for yourself. The infection rate from zombie bites is 100%.

Godspeed to all of, especially the people of the Gulf region. Hopefully, an outbreak will not occur. If it should, we must all work together. Our survival depends upon it.

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