Wednesday, August 17, 2005

We got bats!

Yup, discovered that last night. I was sitting on the porch around 11:30, and saw 3 or 4 of them flittering about, catching bugs in the moonlight. Pretty cool.
Today was kind of a stressful day. Work was OK, but KG was having a rough time with her doctor, and that of course means stress for me.
KG suffers from GERD . She takes Prilosec to treat it. Well, turns out Prilosec is a Category C pregnancy risk medication, which basically means you can't take it while pregnant. I did a little research, and discovered that Prevacid is a Category B, which is considered safe. She was on it while carrying TK Jr.
She's also on another med that is also a C, and there is an alternate med that she could take which is a B.
Well, her primary MD won't prescribe either. She's not comfortable with it. She wants KG to get her OB to prescribe it. Which means KG has to make tons of calls back and forth, while at work to try and get this done. And no one wants to co-operate. Point being, as of this moment, she doesn't have either.
The medical establishment in this country is so hell bent on protecting fetuses that they give no concern to the needs of the person carrying said fetus. Umm... mommy's health and mental well being is indeed vital to the healthy development of the baby. Half the things they don't want pregnant women consuming are discouraged not because they've been proven to do a baby harm. They are discouraged because no one knows if they have any negative effect. They'd rather not take chances. What the fuck?
To top that off, KG had taken TK Jr. to the doctor's on Monday. For his annual check up. He came out fine, with the exception of a nagging cough he's had for a few weeks. No other signs of trouble. No fever, no listlessness. Nothing. They took a throat culture, and KG was led to believe that came back negative. (I'm not sure why they would tell her that. I ain't a doctor, and I know it takes a few days to get results from a culture. You have to culture it and all) Not finding any obvious problem, they sent her to the hosptial for chest X rays. Even though his O2 stats were normal and his lung sounds were clear. So, an hour or two at the hospital, a cranky, crying 2 year old, and negative results.
Today I get home, there's a voice mail from the pedi doctor, TK Jr has strep. Needs antibiotics. KG is so pissed, I can't even talk to her about it.
In brighter news, I wrapped up another evening of filming with the Weymouth After Dark crew. It was a lot of fun, and I think we got some good footage. I'm looking forward to seeing the final product.
Taking a note from Molius' last comment, I brought in a few Rez albums for him to listen too. I'm trying to get another convert.
All in all, a busy day. I'm hoping tomorrow is slightly less eventful.
Oh, yeah... in case you were wondering, it appears that my boys can still swim. We're not really saying anything to people at this point, because she's probably not even a month along. Its a touchy time, and usually not advisable to start sharing the news at this point. But we're not so good at keeping secrets.

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