Friday, July 29, 2005

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

Hold that thought, gonna go have a smoke before I begin...
Much better. So, it's Friday. I took a vacation day today, as Molius and I are headed down to historic Plymouth this evening to see The Machine. I'm looking forward to it. Last live show I saw was.... either Nick Cave or Neil Finn, I can't remember. It's been a while.
I got up at the crack of ass with TK Jr. this morning. We had a bit of a scare with him last night. He was standing on the couch, and the phone rang. I went to grab it, heard a crash and then crying. Seems he fell off and cracked his face on the coffee table. He's OK, got a nice shiner and a purple nose. The amusing part of it was I had just picked up the phone, and before I could get out a "hello", I yelled "holy shit! fuck!" and hung up. Thankfully, it was only the Divas.
After KG and TK Jr headed out, I went to the laundromat. Came back home, talked to the lanlord a bit. The upstairs neighbor is going to start building a deck over our porch next week. Probably be disruptive for a while, but it'll be nice to have a roof over our heads when we're out there.
Of course, should my boys find their mark, KG and I won't be smoking, and spending much less time out there. Such is life.
I'm watching The Golden Voyage of Sinbad . Man, that Harryhausen rocks! Dated as it may be, the fx still look pretty good. I used to love this stuff as a kid. Holy crap, Tom Baker of Dr. Who fame is in this!
Anyhow... not much to say today other than pointless rambling. Celtic Pride is on now, so I think I might nap in front of the TV for a bit. Or go smoke another butt.

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