Sunday, July 31, 2005

little black book with my poems in it...

I'm not a big fan of Sundays. Yeah, it's a day off, but looming over it is the prospect of waking up to Monday and whatever form of individualized hell that holds. Back in my high school days, I would usually devote an hour or two every Sunday to listening to "The Wall."
Well, I'm less dramatic these days, but tonight I'm in touch with those feelings. I'm slightly hung over, unshaven, tired as shit, and not looking forward to a full week of work.
I hung out with the Divas last night. The 'rents are away, and we housesat. Stayed out by the pool until the wee hours. Lots of beer, lots of fun. But my ass is getting old. Crashing on the couch at 3AM, falling asleep watching "Earth vs the Flying Saucers" and getting up at 9... not so easy anymore. I napped several times today at TK Jr.'s birthday party.
He'll be 2 years old tomorrow. Holy shit.
I was going to hit the sack early tonight, but it's already too late to be early. Guess I'll pack it in and see what tomorrow brings.

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Wirthy said...

I agree - I hate Sundays. It's a weekend day but, yes, the beginning of another work week haunts me all day long.

Also, it's harder for me to get my friends to go out on Sundays. Something about being hungover Monday morning.

I actually prefer Thursdays to Sundays.