Monday, July 18, 2005

Two bits

I've got this habit I can't shake, a hold over from my days working for the rock hound.
I only shave at night.
In the morning, it takes all my effort simply to get out of bed and in the shower. I also wait to the last possible second to get out of bed. Doesn't leave much time for trimming the whiskers.
But at night... I get a good lather, a good look in the mirror, and shave away. Of course, shaving at night means I don't shave every day. I can usually get away with twice a week. Sometimes I wish I could function like normal people.
I shaved tonight. Wouldn't be so bad except it's miserably hot already, so I didn't appreciate the added warmth. Also, I'm on page 99 of the new Harry Potter book, and I'd like to read some more. However, I also want to spend some time with KG. And I have a baby to make.
What was my point?
Week two of being on Adderal. It seems to be working well, I do feel more focused, and I'm down to two cups of coffee a day. I have dry mouth a lot, so I'm drinking more water. I take extended release, so I should be on a fairly even keel all day. Today, though, I nodded off during a meeting. Wouldn't have been too bad, except there were only 4 of us in the meeting. Hard to escape notice. Minutes later I was wide awake again. So I guess from time to time there is an ebb and flow. Interesting.
We bought a new dvd player yesterday. It's a recordable player. Now I should be able to burn dvds of TK Junior footage. That'll be fun. I think I'll figure that out after we get back from vacation this weekend.

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Molius said...

don't feel bad. trainwreck's droning does have a hypnotic grating quality to it that just makes you tune yourself out.

even during those moments where you shouldn't. i've caught myself a few times zoning out during meetings w/her.