Monday, July 04, 2005

Back in business

Happy 4th! The actual holiday, today, was fairly uneventful for KG and I. TK Jr. was away, down in RI with his grandmother. KG and I slept in late, I finished painting the pantry, then we went to Best Buy to pick up a wireless router. Result: I am now sitting on the couch, listening to Floyd, and blogging my little heart out. Super sweet!
My pc remains an oversized toaster at the moment. Once I find all my start up and program discs, it'll be time to rebuild that sucker. For now though, I'm not too worried. I can do what I need to, and I like my new arrangement.
We went to a cook out at Names and CC's yesterday. Good times, good food, cheap beer. I always enjoy hanging out with those two. We should make more of an effort to do it.
We're still in the process of unpacking and re-arranging our apartment. We've done a pretty good job so far, and getting the pantry painted was key to finding a place for most of the clutter. So we should be ship shape in no time.
Well, I was excited to be on line again, and figured I'd have lots more to say. I don't. So that's all for now.
One last thought, since I mentioned Floyd... I saw their Live8 performance. Fucking awesome! Roger really seemed to be having a good time, so let's hope there will be more to come.

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