Sunday, July 10, 2005

You got my cheeze wiz, boy?

Another weekend comes to an end, and as usual it feels way too soon. This weekend mainly consisted of KG and I taking turns sleeping. It's been a stressful week, and it kind of caught up with us.
Our new neighbors are a bit odd. They finally moved in, but they have a couch, a chair and a pool table out in the yard still. Last weekend we overheard someone upstairs talking about buying a house and getting rid of "them". We've been assuming that meant us. Our landlord is away on vacation, so I haven't been able to confirm or deny any rumors of pending sales.
We have a one year lease that we just signed, so by right we should be OK until that expires. It's the pooltable in the yard that was making me nervous. I don't imagine that's a long term storage plan.
The other thing with these people is they are either doing or talking about major renovations. New cabinets, decks, etc, etc. Doesn't sound like something a renter does.
Well, I overheard them in the yard today, and managed to confirm that they are NOT in the process of buying this place. Thinking about it, planning it? Yes. But it's not in the works. I'm guessing they've made some sort of arrangement with the landlord. Renovations for rent, or something like that. As soon as the llord gets back, him and I are going to have a chat.
The other thing that has been bothering me about these new folks is how they've taken over the whole property. I brought 3 pallets down into the freshly cleaned out basement so we could store some shit down there. I went down yesterday, new neighbors have filled the basement with their shit, and they used my pallets. Not a big thing, but enough to rankle me. They've taken over the whole yard, except for our shitty stretch, and I discovered their washing machine hooked up to our electricity and our hot water.
So... one of two things will be happening in the near future. Either KG and I get aggressive and move on buying this place ourselves (and then kick their asses out), or we start shopping for a new home. And that means house. Either way, we're going to have to end up buying a house.
God damn adulthood and it's responsibilities.

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