Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Shock and Awe

Well, we had a nice little reminder at 12:30 this morning of just how tough Mother nature can be. Now I'm a big fan of a good thunderstorm. The bigger the better. But this morning... that was a little scary. There was a solid twenty minutes where it felt like the storm was right over our house. Constant lightning... so much so that it stayed light out. The thunder was right on top of every bolt, and the house was actually shaking.
The house on Lake Shore Dr mentioned in the above link is a couple of streets over. I saw that bolt hit. Crazy stuff.
I'm still pretty charged up over it. I've been hankering for a decent storm for a loooong time now, and that certainly fit the bill.
Work has been funny so far this week. Not funny haha. Just funny odd. I've been insanely busy cleaning up mess after mess after mess. My error report is daunting. We switched our phone system over to a VoIP today... I'm hoping that went well. Tomorrow I have a conference call in the morning to try and figure out how to help SW with their error report. Of course I have suggestions... all of which I'm going to need to keep to myself.
I have to leave early tomorrow as well. Dentist appointment, woohoo. Then I have a follow up appointment on Thursday for my new meds. woohoo x 2.
At this moment, I really need to hit the sack. That was the plan last night. Go to bed early. That went to hell when I found out Battlestar was being rerun at 11. Then we had the storm, so it was 2AM before I was catching Zs.
So, time to try and be smart tonight. Pillow, here I come.

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Mike said...

Work is better odd than bad, but I'm still holding on tight to my new career goal: win Mega Millions.