Saturday, April 02, 2005

Chillin at Toshi Station

The Force was in full effect today. Not just for me, either. I started off my day with a trip to Target, WalMart and Borders to partake of all the new SW merch. I was good. I came home with a Clone Trooper, a T shirt for Nick, some M-pire M&Ms, the novel, and the visual dictionary.
This evening, I did a stormtrooping gig at the MoS. They are going to have a huge SW exhibit this summer, so they wanted a couple of troopers to show up tonight for a private party. It was a good time. On the way home, I popped into Toys R Us to check out their display. Tons of really cool toys which I resisted. I did pick up some SW beanie babies for Nick and a lightsaber lollipop for me.
The day was not a total success. Lego Star Wars was the one thing I really wanted to come home with today. After searching fruitlessly for it most of the day, I learned it hasn't been released yet. Tuesday. D'oh!
So, I will have to be satisfied for a few days with what I have. I've got me some reading to do at any rate. Then, Tuesday, it'll be time for some fun in front of the TV.

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