Monday, April 04, 2005

Darth Pope?

OK, so maybe I've got a little too much Star Wars on my mind these days. Now that the Pope has died, and a new one must be chosen... I came up with an idea for world peace.
We need a Sith pope. One who will rally the flock. Convert all the right wing fundamentalists, since their ideology is pretty much the same. The Catholic church has power, money and influence. Create a grand army of the faithful, Christians Soldiers, if you will.
Then, like the Romans, the church should occupy the Middle East. Reclaim the Holy Land. After all, it is their holy land as well. Crush all resistance with brute force. And what do you have? World peace. More or less.
It worked for Sidious. He did end the war. And Vader did technically bring balance to the Force. So maybe it'd work here as well. Hell, while we're at it, how about giving me some Jedi powers? All I really want is the ability to do the Force push. Or maybe the choke. That'd be cool. I have a feeling I'd be neck deep in the dark side in no time!

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