Friday, April 15, 2005

A Purple Umbrella and a 50 cent Hat

KG and I are hanging out, chilling to ZLX on a Friday night. They just played "Heartbreaker". This, of course, leads to a Zepp twofer, because you have to play "Heartbreaker" and Living Loving Maid" together. Kind of like "Peace Frog" and "Blue Sunday". Or "Brain Damage" and "Eclipse". The songs flow together.
OK, typing quotation marks is a real pain in the ass, so enough of that. And why the hell doesn't a keyboard have the cents sign? That's annoying.
Anyhow, as I was saying, or trying to say before I got distracted by my poor typing skills... There are certain classic rock standards that just have to be played back to back. It's the way of the world. Problem for me is, although I enjoy both songs, I'm always bothered by the coupling of heartbreaker and living loving. For me, they just don't together. Strange. Makes me wonder why I'd harbor such a crazy notion.
Well, when I first got into zeppelin, I borrowed most of their albums from my Uncle Mark. He's the one primarily responsible for turning me on to all the great classic rock acts. When I finally turned my attention away from prog rockers Genesis, he was ready and willing to lend me good music to groove on. Groove I did, and groove I still do.
The first copy of Zeppelin II that I listened too was on cassette. I carried that in walkman and car for some time. II and III are still my all time favorites. Anyhow, I guess back in the day when cassette tapes were the dominant format, the labels would occasionally re-arrange the order of certain songs so that the tape length was relatively uniform on both sides. Saved the consumer some time not having to fast forward or rewind to hear the whole album.
Zeppelin II was so re-arranged. If memory serves me, heartbreaker was followed by "thank you" on side A, and side B started with living loving maid. So, that's how I learned the album. Everyone with their vinyl or CDs knew the songs went together. I, I did not. And so, everytime I hear that twofer, I think about how they don't belong together. But maybe they do.
Some of us have developed a slightly different perspective, and that is a good thing.

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