Thursday, June 16, 2005

Boys will be Boys...

What an amusing day at work. Molius and I decided to be the merry Pranksters, and had a little fun at RB's expense. In defense of ourselves, he had said he hoped no one PostIt noted his office while he was on vacation. He wasn't on vacation... just working down in SW today.
So now the challenge is on, and Molius and I must be on guard. Surely RB will find some sinister way of striking back.
Kudos to Molius for sticking Vader in a glass jar with a thought balloon that said "Nooooooooo!". I'm still chuckling over that.
Names left a comment on my last entry, so here's a little ditty for him:
Dean's Video was a craphole. 80% of the stock, and the business was porn. My sister worked there as well, and we often worked opposite shifts on the same day. We'd usually find ourselves, brother and sister, walking up and down the porn section with an armload of tapes to restock. Very weird.
Sometimes I had to call customers that had movies that were overdue. Remind them they owed us money and a tape. So, one day I call this guy who had several porns out, all over 10 days late. A little old lady answered, informed me that her grandson was not home. She inquired as to what movies he had out. I looked at the list, the first one was "Slammin Granny In the Fanny." I made a mental note to knock his teeth out next time he came into the store.
Anyhow.... all beside the point. A few weeks after I quit because I couldn't stand to work with Les anymore, my sister got fired. Les was a stinky hippy. Stinky BO stinky. He was usually so ripe, I had the smell stuck on me when I went home. He was big in to the Magic RPG cards, and was selling them. This attracted a lot of weirdos, and I quit. $5 an hour wasn't worth it.
Les would close the store, and then stay there all night with his Magic buddies. A few times when I worked with him I saw him till tap. Well, a few weeks after I quit, my sister was accused of stealing and was let go.
It was that friggin smelly hippy, and I knew it.
Well, there was a slot in front of the store for after hour returns. The slot lead to a chute, which went down into the basement and into a 55 gallon trash barrel. On Sunday mornings, that sucker would be full of movies. Again, mostly porn.
So, I bought 2 dozen eggs. Kept them in my room, unrefrigerated. For 2 months. Then, late one Saturday night, when I know stinkboy was working the next morning, I dropped all 24 eggs down the shoot into the barrel.
I'll say one thing... his day started off shitty.

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