Sunday, June 05, 2005

One for the fans

Well, for once I got off my self absorbed ass and did something good for someone else. And let me tell you, it felt good.
One of the nurses at work, CW, has a patient with muscular dystophy. He's 23, and hasn't been out of his house in four years, except for surgery. Turns out he's a huge Star Wars fan. CW was telling me how one whole room in his house is filled with SW figures. Last week, I was going on at some length about my repeat viewings of ROTS. CW informed me that her patient was being taken by ambulance, along with a team of nurses, to see the movie on Sunday.
Well, my wheels started spinning. Me, I had no problem going to see the movie 5 times. I'm able bodied, and I thank God for that. I got to thinking about what a big event it was for this guy to go see a movie. Then, I thought, how awesome would it be for him to show up at the theater and be greeted by stormtroopers?
Let me tell you... pretty freakin awesome. I put a post up on the NEG forum, and ended up with 3 stormtroopers and a photographer! Great, awesome, wonderful guys who on short notice gave up their Sunday to come down and make a special day all that more special. One of the troopers even drove down from Maine!
Well, we had a blast. We met CW and her patient at the entrance to the mall. We than escorted them through the mall food court to the theater. A good time was had by all.
After we got them to the theater, we spent some time trooping around the mall. We even got glamour shots done at a portrait studio!
So, in short, to Mr. A... I hope you enjoyed the movie and the Imperial presence. It was an honor to meet you. To my fellow troopers, you guys fucking rock! My faith in mankind has been renewed.

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NellaFede said...

That's really fucking awesome that you did that... I'm proud of ya!!

Mucho Amore!