Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Well, a day off from work seemed to do the trick. TK Junior's room is completely painted. Tomorrow the landlord puts in a new rug, and we put in a border. Done!
I primed the entire kitchen, so that's ready to get painted. We have mothers coming over Thursday to work, and I've already written up their agenda. We might actually be done painting by Friday!
Then we move. Got us 2 confirmed helpers. Need a few more, and a way to get Nick out of the house for the day and night. Then, we shall accomplish this feat.
My PC has been infected with a Trojan virus. I recently bought anti-virus software. It was good enough to detect the threat, but it can't seem to fix it. So... I might be without blogging ability for a few days. Good heavens!
Anyhow... beer quickly going to my head and work in the morning. I'm done.

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