Saturday, June 25, 2005

It's hot!

Thank you powers to be. We had a nice, dry cool week. Now, it's time to move, and the heat wave is back again. How nice.
So, downstairs is done, and tomorrow we shift our meager possesions down there. I'm hoping it goes well.
Monday an inspector is coming to check the place out. I'll have to do some cleaning up here in the morning, then it's done.
Cable won't be coming out until the 2nd. Which means we'll have no phone, no TV and no internet for a week. Nice. As for the phone, I do have a 30ft phone line, which I can drop out the window. I did it the other day so I could dial into work from the porch downstairs. I guess I'll have to do that for a week so we at least have a land line.
I think I'll call Verizon on Monday and see about switching. Wireless would be nice.
Anyhow, I'm hot and sweaty and I have stuff to take apart, including this computer. So... until we're back in order... later!

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