Monday, May 02, 2005

9 to 5, for service and devotion

Started off my day rolling in to work half an hour late. Doesn't matter what time I leave the house, I always end up getting in at the same time. Late.
Said good morning to my cube mate. Ran two huge reports. KS came in, needed a cab. Called the cab company. CK dropped in, wagged her new boobs in my face and somehow talked me into cleaning up a huge mess of hers. FK came in to have me fix a service code. CS emailed me about visits in the wrong episode. Turned out to be an episode that should have been deleted, resulting in several emails and phone conversations with BM. Still not resolved. JM returned two incomplete FIFs. I checked the logs and emailed the coordinators who were supposed to review them. Then walked the FIFs back to them. KE left me a voicemail to delete a visit. BM left me a voice mail about erroneous notes in the system. I researched that and emailed her back. Ms. Newman emailed me wanting to know my vacation schedule so she could write up the POC support schedule. Ran 2 smaller reports and distributed those. SB came by with 485 problems. I fixed those. MC left me some overlaps to resolve. 2 people left me parking tickets to contest. DM came by and wanted to smoke. My cubemate left sick, leaving me the cube to myself (woohoo!). Got a meatball grinder for lunch. LL interrupted with a question about 110s. KB came in with a problem, ignored me stuffing my face and hovered. I chose not to look at her... she went away. BM called me again with more follow up note problems. PG called and needed visits unlocked. Started looking at my huge error report, 189 patients that have to be off by next Friday. Discovered that my cubemate fucked up big time. Huge mess. I had to start cleaning it up, eat crow and apologize to all the clinical managers over it. Meeting with Molius and RB bumped back, ended up being the high point of the day. KS called, her cab didn't show up. I called the cab company, had another one sent. MP came in to get her laptop back. DT needed help with hers. KS found a loaner laptop sitting in her office, I returned that to MT. Bitched a bit to MT. Managed not to do a single thing on my list of daily tasks. No data export, no final claims. No bad data. Packed up my shit, stopped to chat with KB on the way out. 10 minutes before I could pry myself away.
Got home, took a dump, turned on the laptop to work again. Decided to give Molius a hard time when I discovered I hadn't updated my password. Worked an additional hour and a half from home.
Pretty typical day, except for my cubemate's big mess up. That I'll end up cleaning up, and taking some of the blame for the fall out. Because that's what I do.

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