Saturday, May 14, 2005

What do you get a Wookie for Christmas?

Peace and understanding. Goodwill to men.
Because he's already got a comb, and he doesn't use shaving foam.
But that's beside the point. I was just thinking about Episode I , and how much I really do like it. It was, after all, not for me, the grown SW fan. It was for kids.
TK Junior isn't even two yet. His favorite characters are Elmo, Pooh and friends, Teletubbies and Boobahs . And R2. For a little boy, R2 and Chewie are characters that are really appealing. Nick likes bears, and he thinks Chewie is a bear. I think he'd like Jar jar. Sort of like Barney. The young Anakin would probably appeal to him as well.
Eventually, he'll reach an age where he's ready to see TPM. He'd probably really enjoy it. Cartoony characters, a brave young boy saving the day, a cute girl in peril.
Starting him off with Episode I and moving forward in order really makes sense, and watching how he takes to it will be really cool. Will he identify with Anakin? How will he feel when Anakin falls? Of particular interest to me is how he'll feel when he's introduced to Luke in ANH. I don't know what my childhood impression of Luke would have been if I had known his backstory. Knew who his father was, who his sister was. Had seen Obi-Wan's involvment with the Clone Wars, having seen him teaching his pupil. I'd have a whole different perspective, that's for sure. The one that Nick will get.
Neat. Really neat.
In other news...
The lanlord stopped by with traps . He set them, and I placed them up in the attic. He'll be coming by Monday night to check them. Apparently, once we catch a squirrel, he has to kill it. On our property. He plans to accomplish this by immersing the entire cage in a bucket of water unitl the squirrel drowns. The traps are big enough that he'll need to fill a trash barrel at least half way with water. I don't know if he realizes it or not, but all our trash barrels have holes in the bottem, and there is no working spigot outside. I'm not sure how he'll manage to accomplish his murders.
It was a laundry day today. The forecast was for a shitty day, so I decided to do a few loads down at the 'mat. It needed to get done, and the place isn't busy on Saturdays. I had been doing laundry on Sundays, but it's usually packed with annoying people, so I prefer Saturday. Anyway, it ended up being a really nice day, and I wish I had taken the kid to the park instead. I could tomorrow, but it'll probably actually be shitty then. Figures.
On the way there, I picked up the Ledger for their SW special. Nick's picture is on their website, along with KG and I. We didn't make the actual paper, but I didn't know it at the time and wanted to see it. I also picked up MAD magazine , as they had a ROTS cover. I actually really enjoyed MAD, and was surprised at how political the humor was.
While at the laundromat, I kept getting distracted by commericals for SW Creatures on Animal Planet. Looks fun, but I'll be on my way to see it that night.
Finished up my laundry, then hit the grocery store next door. Back home, I attempted to start up the mower so I could cut the lawn. Put some gas in the tank, it leaked out through a rust hole. Tried to start it anyway, and the whole engine casing pulled off when I yanked the starter. That jammed as well. So... won't be trimming the back 40 any time soon. It's already a jungle out there.
Nick and I planted some flowers, then I walked down to Classic for some dinner. All in all, a full day.
Now KG and I are hanging out, per usual. I'm thinking about my little padawan and chilling to some Floyd.
4 days, 1 hour, 44 minutes.

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