Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The time is nigh

9 hours to go. Color me excited.
I've given up on the the prospect of getting any work done today, or leaving early. I had every intention this morning of getting a bunch of things done in anticipation of my 4 day weekend.
It only took a matter of minutes for that to go to shit.
Transfer problems this morning. I was commandeered by the IS department to do some troubleshooting, and that ate up a good chunk of my morning. Not that I mind... I actually prefer that to my other duties. I managed to get my mid week reports done, and answer my voicemail. At 11 I had to teach a class, and well... that pretty much destroyed any motivation I might have had for doing work.
So I didn't send out my summaries. Hardly looked at the error report. Didn't resolve any bad data. Shit... just remembered I have to replace holds.
On top of that I'm bone tired. I know my second wind will kick in shortly after I've left, but for now I'm dragging. I wanted to leave an hour early to spend some time with Dad, but there's no way I'm getting out early. Still lots to do.
Anyhow... this is the last post before I plop down to see ROTS. I have a feeling I'll be back with my impressions afterwards. I have a 3 hour window between getting home from the movie and heading out for my next trooping gig, so I think I'll skip sleep and just run on empty.
To all those not braving the midnight screening... May the Force be with you!
9 hours, 1 minute, 26 seconds.

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