Saturday, May 07, 2005

The post war dream

It's great to be an american.
We've got ourselves, when all is said and done, a cool little country going on. We have freedom. We have liberty. And we pursue happiness, with varying degrees of success. That's what a bunch of guys in wigs set out to create, and so far we've all done a pretty good job of making it so.
You know what's really cool about being american? No one ever dropped bombs on us. No one ever flew over our sleeping suburbs and rained fire upon us. No cities leveled, no air raid sirens.
I've never had a Wednesday night tv viewing interrupted for potential shelling. I'm grateful for that. Because that would suck.
It's why I spend time thinking about zombies. The idea of our society falling apart around us due to some overwhelmingly destructive event fascinates me. It was nuclear war as a child. The undead as an adult.
But there are whole countries out there that live in the shadow of just such events. A young British man remembers hiding from the bombs. Remembers losing his dad to some unseen enemy. He grows up and sings in a band.
They make some good music. Then things go south. A wall gets built.
Tonight KG and I listen to the separate halves of Floyd. Roger always gets me thinking about war. I guess that's his intent. Post Waters Floyd just makes me miss Roger. Even if he makes me think about war.
The wind is blowing tonight, shivering me timbers as I type. Did a laundry run today and hit the grocery store. Not fit for man or beast out there. I wonder how RB faired with his outdoor event.
At Shaw's I used the self check out. I'm a big fan of the concept, even if it does cost me $1.25 to use it. Anyhow, the belt misread and kept insisting I remove a non-existent unexpected item. Someone had to come over and over ride it, then confirm there was indeed no unexpected item.
Now it's later, and I'm about ready to wind down with the tube and prepare for a day of baby play and house cleaning. I decided to honor mother's day by being a good husband to my wife. It's the least she deserves.
11 days, 1 hour, 49 minutes.

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Molius said...

shaws charges you for the honor of using their self checkout????

that's 100% Grade-A bullplop!

stop & shop doesn't ding you for it. hell, they seem to encourage it because it's cheaper to have 1 person watching 4 self-checks rather than 4 people on 4 registers...

granted, i don't goto shaws all that often, but still.

bullplop i tell you.