Sunday, May 29, 2005

Deactivated battle droids for sale

I just got home from my fifth viewing of ROTS. I'm wondering now... just what does Palpy do with all those decommissioned battle droids? Twenty years later, cira Episode IV, we don't see any hanging around. I'm guessing they got melted down and turned into star destroyers.
The Braintree cineplex sucks. ROTS was on a small screen, porno size theater. The projectionist screwed up the first five minutes of the film. The sound wasn't right, and the picture kept moving all over the screen. He/she straightened it out, but it distracted me from looking for the kitchen sink. Oh well... I'll catch it at the next viewing.
Today ended up being a pretty good day. Got up with Junior around 6. He went down for a nap at 11, so KG got to sleep in pretty late. My mom picked up the little guy, and brought me their old lawnmower. For keeps. So, I made a quick pass over the yard, and went shopping with KG. We had a good time, and we got back here before the thunder and rain arrived.
We discovered this morning that the downstairs neighbors are moving out. Unexpected development. I'll have to call the landlord tomorrow and see what's going on. If the rent isn't too much more, I'd like to move downstairs. It's bigger, but I have no idea what kind of condition it is in. Much food for thought there, as we're still kicking around the idea of buying the place.
Seems like TK Junior may have a cold. He's been stuffed up, and started coughing today. I can hear him on the monitor right now, and the coughing sounds pretty bad. Poor little guy. I'm hoping for some sun tomorrow morning so I can take him to the park.
Time to put my pjs on. TK 8103, out.

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