Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Cuddlesome clone fun

So, tomorrow is the big event! I'm not sure what I'm looking forward to more: a day off from work, trooping, or possibly getting to see the movie. OK, that's a lie. I'm hoping to see the movie!
It's closing this week, so work has been pretty busy and stressful. Seems the second week of every month it's the same deal. Occupational menstruation . I managed to get my error list down to 9 patients. Not too shabby, considering I started the week at 120 or so. Got the two huge ones off, all that is left is stuff that is out of my control, or can be resolved on Friday. So we should make it, and I can enjoy my day off without stressing over it. Nice!
Watched Lost, and then got sucked into the begining of Next Stop Wonderland . I became disengaged the moment they had a scene on the T. Brought back very unpleasant memories of my commuting days.
KG bought me a present at the supermarket. Have I mentioned that KG rocks? I might have to bring my new buddy into work with me.
So, another night winds down. Think I'll putz around here a little more, and then play some more XBox. Finally killed Dooku last night. Woohoo!
Tomorrow: Polish the armor, clean the litter boxes, and head into town for the charity event. I have a feeling my butt will be dragging on Friday. If I don't get to see the movie, it'll be a late night, probably won't get home until after 1AM. If I do see it, I probably won't be able to sleep.
7 days, 2 hours, 5 minutes.

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