Monday, May 23, 2005


I have no frickin idea what that is supposed to mean. Well, after a little poking around, I learned this. Pepsi. Sure, I'm a drinker. They are after all running a SW promotion, which means I'm duty bound to buy it. Also, I like Mountain Dew, and make no bones about my short lived addiction to Pitch Black. But enough with the lame marketing tricks, guys. Coke tried this in the mid 90's. It was called OK SODA . The actual product tasted like shit, and was only launched in maybe 4 cities. But let me tell you, they had an awesome ad campaign. Truely original and entertaining. Short lived and long missed.
A few things that bother me about the cineplex:
Other people.
Sticky floors.
$3.45 for a 16oz bottle of Diet Coke.
TV commercials. TV is for TV. The small screen. If I want to watch TV, I'll stay home and do it. I like the trailers, it's part of the experience. And lame PSAs are OK. But I do not want to see ads for TV shows.
Parents that bring infants. I shit you not, some one had a baby at the 7:30 ROTS show the other night. Give me a break.
Hhhhmmm... thought I had something more to say. I still have work on my mind, and today was one of those days I'd like to put behind me. As much as I enjoy a day or two off, I really hate coming back and cleaning up the mess. Puts me in a mood for a day or two, and this week is no exception.
Here's a good one: I signed up for an "art selection" committee. Seems were getting 8-20 pieces of art donated to us, so they were looking for some people to make the selections. So, I signed up. I enjoy being on sensless committees. Sounded like it could be fun. Got an email about it today... it's going to be a 2-3 hour meeting. Knowing the people I work with, it'll probably end up being a heated debated over what to chose. And I'm betting there won't be one single SW piece or any nudes in there. Oh well. 10 people in a conference room for 3 hours to select some wall decorations? Argh. I'm still pushing for this . I think that about sums it up. On the other hand, both RB and CH will be there, so at least we should have a few laughs. They told us to bring lunch. Mayhap I'll get myself some baked beans.

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