Thursday, May 26, 2005

Having fun in my Underoos

As I believe I have mentioned at one time or another, I am quite the Star Wars enthusiast. I like me some SW.
There's some funny things going on in the fandom universe these days. The 501st has had some really heated debates this past week about new costumes and such. It got a little ugly.
I'm wondering if perhaps some of us fans aren't a little emotional now that the saga has run it's course. Seems to me some people are acting out, as we do when we try to supress emotions.
Me... I'm remembering what it was like to be a child. A little boy. Those days when I played with action figures for hours and enjoyed the shit out of it. Afternoons of imagination, mornings full of cartoons. Cub scouts, sleepovers.
I'm grateful that I can reach out and touch those memories right now. I have a little boy. He'll soon be entering an age of wonder. I'm really excited for him, because I have no idea what his fancies will be. What will capture his imagination. Of course, I am attempting to lay a solid SW foundation, but ultimately TK Junior will be moved by what ever moves him.
I really dig the idea of passing the torch. I'll admit, I never really knew what to do with it when it got thrust into my hand. Here's hoping my guy does.
KG reminded me tonight of the herring run . I'm looking forward to their return, as the back river is a stone's throw from our apartment. We stumbled across it one evening walking to the pizza joint up the street. The water was teeming with thousands of these fish, and there were a bunch of weird, giant birds hiding in the trees. It didn't quite look like this. (second picture down) Very cool.


Molius said...

to quote anakin:


i was perfectly content watching my Hogan's Heroes DVDs last night and then you sent me to RetroJunk. i wasted the next hour (i could have watched 3 more episodes) watching all of these things from my past.

it nearly brought a tear to my eye...

Mike said...

i don't hate you...i'm lost in wonderment that i lived there for 20 odd years and never saw the fish frenzy...must remedy that someday