Tuesday, May 03, 2005

In a nutshell

My two favorite Simpson's lines ever:

Grampa Simpson- "Here comes three!"

Homer Simpson- "I'll regroup at Red Lobster."

I just watched the bonus DVD that came with the ROTS soundtrack. Best piece of SW merchandise I own. And that's coming from a guy who has his own stormtooper armor.
In my 28 years of watching SW, that was the most satisfying 70 minutes. Ever. The entire saga brought together and given the proper perspective. Loved it!
If you buy nothing else, it must be this.
I also managed to score myself a
Darth Dew Slurpee at 7/11. I don't remember if I chronicled my obsession with Pitch Black here, but I was pretty hooked for a while. I didn't enjoy the actual Slurpee as much as I would have in my younger days. But it was nice taste the grape goodness again.
Had a difficult day at work today. It so reminded me of junior high that I don't feel like going into it. Suffice to say, crow tastes great. I love it.
Also picked up some work gloves for the yard. Now I won't get another blister on my thumb from raking. I finally found a toy rake and hoe for TK Junior. It's never to early to get them working!
Final thought for the night: When the nice folks who design highways decided that lane merges were a good idea, I wonder if they had ever actually driven on a highway and met all the wonderful assholes who use them daily. They might have thought twice about forcing people to cooperate.
I need to get this for my new cube. D'oh, sorry. That was one extra thought.

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