Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I have a fan!

Last week while I was trooping at the SSP, I had one of those funny little moments in life. A group of teenagers wandered into the store, mostly boys shopping for games. At any rate, there was one cute girl, and she got all excited when she saw me. She came over and said "Can I hug you?". Well, who am I to turn down such a request? I gave her a hug.
It was a cute and funny moment. The store manager asked me if that happened often. He was going to get himself some armor if it did. Well, it was a first for me.
Anyhow, while checking my email tonight, I found one titled "hello stormtrooper, I have a question..." Turns out it's the hugging girl.


I was looking at your webpage, and I had a question.... were you the stormtrooper at the South Shore Plaza? If it was you, then I saw you there on May 5th and I was so excited to see you that I ran up to you and gave you a hug! and I came back the next day with a camera but you werent there ;/ i went back to the mall today, and asked the emplyees of you were coming back, and they said probabally not..... but they knew who I was. They knew that I was "that girl" who ran up to you and gave you a hug. Even some customers knew who I was. I found this really amusing, how did they know? hehe, I dunno, but I thought it was the koolest thing though, so I had to email you and see if it was you. I would really appreciate it if you wrote me back!

thanks so much!

Too funny. KG and I had a good laugh over it.
Speaking of armor, I need to spend my evening tomorrow polishing it for the charity screening on Thursday. Apparently City Year hasn't done a good job of promoting it, and has only sold 600 tickets. Rumor is if the sales remain flat, we'll get to see the movie. So, I'm not linking to the City Year site. I don't want any of my one or two readers buying tickets and leaving me shut out!
Had one of those days today at work where pretty much every one was annoying me. Closing week always gets me stressed, and it doesn't help that I have a day off. Sure, I deserve it, and it's laughable to think they won't function without me. But I worry anyway.
Well, RB lent me a tape of 20/20 with interviews from the cast of Lost, so I think I'll go check that out. Then I'll go kick Dooku's ass. Never got around to it last night.
8 days, 2 hours, 25 minutes.

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